AI for People:

Towards Sustainable AI

20-24 November 2021, Online

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Welcome to the International Conference on AI for People: Towards Sustainable AI, CAIP'21

This conference, organised by the non-profit association AI for People, aims to provide a platform for people to present, learn and discuss the use of Artificial Intelligence for the societal good, addressing its benefits as well as its risks. In this year's edition, we focus on Sustainable AI as a movement to foster change towards greater ecological integrity and social justice in the entire life cycle of AI systems1.

In the spirit of AI for People, we believe it is important that this conference is accessible to everyone – whether you are an academic in the field of AI or not. Hence, we have two paths: Public and Academic. The paths are not mutually exclusive, which means that you can attend both.

Keynote Speakers

Public Path

The conference aims to be accessible for anyone interested in artificial intelligence for the societal good. The public path will consist of workshops, talks and discussions on a comprehensible level of understanding:

  • Workshops: "Introduction to AI Ethics" and more to be announced
  • Keynote-Speakers
  • Discussion Groups: "An Exercise in Collective Intelligence"
  • ELI5 Sessions: Researchers from the Academic Path are invited to present their research in a short Explain-Like-I'm-Five talk
Academic Path

The academic path of the conference is following the standard conference format consisting of the following:

  • Call for Papers: available here
  • Paper Presentations
  • Conference Proceedings

Additionally, researchers from the Academic Path are invited to present their research in a short Explain-Like-I'm-Five talk. The call for papers, deadlines and topics will be announced shortly.

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