AI for People:

Democratizing AI

24-26 November 2023, Bologna, Italy
Venue: Palazzo Dal Monte

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About the Conference

The International Conference on AI for People (CAIP) is organised by the non-profit association AI for People and was born out of the idea of shaping Artificial Intelligence technology around human and societal needs.

The conference has its origins in events previously organised by the association, in specific the AI for People Workshop 2020 and the AI for People – Special Session at EAI GOODTECH 2020 International Conference, and in a Special Issue on "AI for People" in the AI & Society - Journal of Culture, Knowledge and Communication (Springer). With CAIP, we aim to provide a platform for people to present, learn and discuss the use of Artificial Intelligence for the societal good, addressing its benefits as well as its risks.


For its first edition (CAIP'21), the conference was focused on Sustainable AI, covering different aspects of social development, environmental protection, and economic growth applied in the design and deployment of AI systems. There were two paths: Public and Academic. The paths were not mutually exclusive.

The conference was held online, 20-24 November 2021.
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Organising Committee

CAIP'23 is organised by the following international team:

General Chair
Giovanni Sartor
University of Bologna

General Chair
Marta Ziosi
Oxford Internet Institute,
University Oxford

Program Chair
Angelo Trotta
University of Bologna

Program Chair
João M. Cunha
University of Coimbra

Program Chair
Philipp Wicke
LMU Munich
Program Committee

Adam Poulsen – Charles Sturt University
Daniel Schiff – Georgia Institute of Technology
Federico Montori – University of Bologna
Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna – Future of Privacy Forum
Keng Siau – City University of Hong Kong
Laura Weidinger – DeepMind
Lorenzo Pellegrini – University of Bologna
Maria Celia Fernández Aller – Technical University of Madrid
Marianna Ganapini – Union College
Michele Loi – University of Zurich
Nahema Marchal – DeepMind
Rajitha Ramanayake – University College Dublin
Salvatore Ruggieri – University of Pisa
Stefan Sarkadi – INRIA, France
Than Htut Soe – University of Bergen

Program Committee is still being updated.

Code of Conduct
Please read CAIP's Code of Conduct

AI for People is a non-profit organization and we entirely depend on funding and sponsors. This first conference is, like most conferences, an expensive event. All of our organizers are working voluntarily next to their studies and jobs in order to make this a special event. In the spirit of AI for People, we do not demand a registration fee and we do not want to exclude any person, because they might not be able to afford participation.

In any case, we will be tremendously grateful for your support at:

Supporters and Partners

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