AI for People:

Towards Sustainable AI

20-24 November 2021, Online

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The conference will happen in the virtual GatherTown environment and each registration enables access to the limited spots at the conference.

Registration deadline: 13th November

AI for People is a non-profit organization and we entirely depend on funding and sponsors. This first conference is, like most conferences, an expensive event. All of our organizers are working voluntarily next to their studies and jobs in order to make this a special event. In the spirit of AI for People, we do not demand a registration fee and we do not want to exclude any person, because they might not be able to afford participation.

In any case, we will be tremendously grateful for your support at:

Publication Fee
Initially, we were expecting publication fees to be necessary. However, thanks to our supporters, we were able to make CAIP'21 completely free.
As such, no publication fee will exist.

For accepted papers, at least one of the authors needs to register, attend the conference and present the paper.

How to register

This registration will reserve your spot at the conference. However, we will ask you to confirm your attendance a few days before the event starts in order to confirm your registration.

Please only register if you will actually attend the event.

Registration Link:
Please use the link below to register for the conference.

Registration Deadline:
13th November 2021

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