AI for People:

Democratizing AI

24-26 November 2023, Bologna, Italy
Venue: Palazzo Dal Monte

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Privacy Network

Privacy Network: Public Administration Audit and Advocacy for Digital Rights

Privacy Network is an organization that advocates for digital culture and responsible technology use. Our mission is to address technological innovation challenges, ensuring a free society and upholding human rights. This talk explores the organization's key projects, focusing on "Osservatorio Amministrazione Automatizzata" (Automated Administration Observatory) - a dissemination initiative shedding light on automatic processes impacting public administration and various social sectors in Italy. The aim is to raise awareness, foster understanding, and empower citizens to exercise their rights in the face of these systems.

Speaker: Marta Marchiori Manerba
Marta Marchiori Manerba (she/her) is a Graduate Student in Digital Humanities at the University of Pisa and currently a Ph.D. student in Artificial Intelligence and Society. Her work is dedicated to uncovering and addressing algorithmic biases arising from AI applications. Her research interests are tied to enhancing the transparency and explainability of automated decision-making processes and combating hate speech on social media platforms. Beyond her academic work, Marta actively engages in advocacy as a member of Privacy Network, an organization committed to safeguarding digital rights. She also organizes workshops and outreach events to foster interdisciplinary approaches for tackling complex problems and demystifying the prevailing hype surrounding AI systems in the public discourse.

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