AI for People:

Democratizing AI

24-26 November 2023, Bologna, Italy
Venue: Palazzo Dal Monte

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Tech Workers Coalition Italia

We are developers, riders, warehouse workers, engineers, systems engineers, graphic designers, copywriters, service and kitchen staff. We are people of all ages, genders and levels of experience. Without us, the technology industry would not exist, neither in Italy nor in the rest of the world. Tech Workers Coalition exists to give us a voice, rights and strength.

We organise workers in the technology sector to win more rights and better working conditions, for us and for everyone. We want to redefine how technology is produced, by whom and for what purposes. Wage increases, reduced working hours, healthier working environments are only the first step. Enormous social, political and ecological challenges lie before us: it is our responsibility to do more.

Speaker: Giacomo Leidi
I'm a developer based in Bologna. I have a background in Intelligent Systems and I've been a FOSS developer since 2019. Since 2020, I have been involved as an organizer in TWC Italia and TWC Bologna.

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